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Grenade thrown. Didn't detonate so picked it back up. 5 minutes later, grenade blows up.
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Happened in Severo after just logging into DayZ WA 2-6 Server. Pinging 45ms with little to no desync. Threw a grenade through a window (AFTER pulling the pin) into the top floor to blow an enemy 2 man squad up. Saw it go through the window and took cover in some bushes. 45 seconds later with no explosion I go back to check things out and find my grenade by the wall. Figured a "dud" or glitch and picked it back up to save for another fight. Went back to the bushes and engaged enemies for at least another 4-5 minutes. Out of nowhere, the top floor gets blown all to hell, killing the enemy squad and taking one of my guys with it. We start trying to figure out who threw the 2nd grenade, I check my inventory and the one I had thrown and picked back up over 5-6 minutes ago is now gone from my inventory. I know for a fact I picked it back up, I was just about to throw it again and had my bag open fixing to select the grenade when the explosion happened. That's one hell of a fuse for a grenade.


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Random, this has happened twice. Once to me, once to a team mate.

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I almost wanted to say it was desync... but 5-6 minutes? We play on this server daily. We have a base on it, and I never ping over 50-60 and have minimal desync. Through the entire firefight I noticed no lag or desync at all. We threw the grenade, picked the "Dud" back up in a whole different spot from where it was thrown, then it glitched back to where it had been thrown and blew up over 5 minutes after the pin was pulled.

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