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Confirmation of changes Session lost
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Since the maintance was finished[20.08.2014],any server i join i get session lost.
I was playing for 550+ hours all normaly,without a single problem,and now all suddenly this appears.
I tried re-installing game : not working
I verified integrity of game cache : not working
I have no VAC/BEC bans
My steam account profile :


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I guess we dont need 2 tickets on this problem, as long as i add my info here aswell.

I have no BE dayz ban, nor VAC bans on my steam account.
Started to recieve Session Lost message every time i try to log on a server today.
Everything was fine and smooth yesterday.
Trying to play on that account from another PC results in the same message "Session Lost" .
Cache verified.

Here is my steam profile link - [^]

Thanks in advance!

Also let me tell you that my account[steam] is Limited.

Hello ZombinatoRR,

In order for us to investigate further, please provide the following:

  • The IP address of any one of the servers that you can't connect to.
  • The exact time and date you tried to connect to the server (along with your time zone).
  • Your ingame name.

Also, please perform a tracert command to the IP address that you provide us. In order to perform a tracert command you can use the following steps:

  1. Press R while holding down the Windows key.
  2. Type in cmd and press enter.
  3. Type in "tracert" without quotation marks and replace with the ip address of the server that you can't connect to.
  4. After the tracert is complete; right click inside the command window and select "Select All" .
  5. Copy the text and paste it in your issue on the feedback tracker.

If you prefer to send all your information in a private message, you can click the "Make Private" button to the left of your message after you click the button labeled "Add Note".



I tried every server,literaly every,but lets try with this one!
Name is GER/EN Friendly Looting & Roleplay - 2h Restart by SelbstjustiZ
My time zone is GMT +1[serbia,europe]
My in game name is Sir Friendly.
Here is stuff from cmd [ps.i just wrote tracert [just ip,without port]
24 ms 14 ms
13 ms 13 ms
52 ms 21 ms
36 ms 87 ms
51 ms 49 ms
42 ms 57 ms
41 ms 43 ms

I don't know did i do it right,check the picture:
Please help me dude :(

Thanks for sending in your information. I'll send it across to the devs right away for further investigation.

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This may be an issue with people with limited steam accounts, people who have steam communitiy bans, trade bans etc even though they are not VAC banned. A community/trade ban should not affect your ability to play games but it appears to do so in DayZ (unless it's just a coincidence)

For example, we can see here that this ticket author is community banned.!/profiles/76561198084952625

Anyways,lets take this serious now...
Is there any way you guys can fix this issue? Maybe you contact steam,cause there's nothing i can do...

As soon as I get news from the devs, I'll make sure to update your ticket.

Thank you JStewart!

No problem at all. There's maybe one thing you could try out in the meantime while waiting for the devs (make sure that DayZ is not running):

  1. Delete the BattlEye folders found on your hdd: "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\DayZ\BattlEye" and "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\DayZ\BattlEye"
  2. Manually create new BattlEye folders at ""C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\DayZ" and "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\DayZ"
  3. Go to and download the latest "BE Client for Windows (32-bit)"
  4. Copy the BE Client (BEClient.dll) and paste it in the "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\DayZ\BattlEye" and "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\DayZ\BattlEye" folders.
  5. Launch DayZ and try logging on to a server.

After i did this,when i tried to join a server it said
failed to initialize battleye client[something like this]
Then i went to verify integrity of game cache,it said smth about 2 files,i went back to game,joined a server... "SESSION LOST"
You can't say "No problem at all" cause appereantly i do have a problem,and i want it fixed,i didn't donate 25£,i bought the damn game that i want to play now!

No one ever stated that there was no problem. Anyways, duly noted; any and all "information" not pertaining to this particular issue shall be left out. As always, as soon as I hear from the devs, I'll update this ticket.

Okay...just please,make them fix this ;(

It has been a week...

We are of course sorry about the time it takes to investigate the problem. Please rest assured that the devs are working as hard as they can in order to solve this issue.

IT has been 12 days now,...

I still haven't heard from the devs on this issue yet, but maybe try the following:

  1. Go to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\DayZ\BattlEye".
  2. Right click on BEClient.dll and select "Properties".
  3. Select the "Security" tab and clik on the button labeled "Edit".
  4. Make sure that the box labeled "Full control" under the "Allow" column is ticked.
  5. Start the game and see if you get the same error message.

Also, do you by any chance have Windows Defender, Microsoft Security Essentials or some other security program that might block you from accessing DayZ servers?

Did it,same thing
I do not have anything that can block,either way,i don't have any program on my PC
I want my fkn money back,i didn't buy this game to play it for 500 hours and then be unable to play it for fkn 2 weeks!
Jesus,you need to get some experienced dev,or start fixing the damn problems
1 patch :
Removed 1-2 bugs,adds 10 more.

As mentioned, we are very sorry to see that you experience these problems, but there is no need to start using foul language or to start verbally abusing the devs. You've already been banned from the forums due to, among other things, your use of foul language and racial slurs. Keeping up this trend on the feedback tracker as well would be ill advised.

You mention that you have no programs that interfere with DayZ; understood. I'll relay the message and get back as soon as I hear from the devs on this issue.

How should i act ?
I'm gonna go crazy soon

Soon it will be 3 weeks...
GG dayz dev and bohemia admins.

The devs have investigated all your data but unfortunately, they found nothing wrong with the server. As a last attempt, I have tried to delete your characters in the database to see if any of the character data would prevent you from accessing the servers. If you're able to access the servers now, just let me know and I will revive your old characters.

Still not working.

While it's not a bad suggestion to try your copy of DayZ from a different location, we would not be able to go ahead with this option for security reasons. However, an investigation has already been set in motion in order to see if having a limited Steam user account could be the cause for blocking your access to the game servers. In the meantime, if you have the option to do so, you can always try to see if you can access the game servers if you log on from a different location (with a different internet connection).

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I'm having the same problem on my laptop. Tried 5+ different internet connections. My desktop works just fine. Same account.

So I think it won't make a difference for him.

I just hope that 0.49 update will fix it :S

After a month of waiting for update 0.49 in hope it'll fix it,it didn't do shet!
You are going to do something or i want my FU&*ING MONEY BACK!

Thanks for help ya * still aint workin my god suicide timeeee brum brum

I chased the issue but so far no news I'm afraid. The devs are still investigating the cause for these issues.

I can sum it up. Limited accounts are no longer viable for dayz as it seems. If u read the red note from steam - down below it says that VAC protected games wont allow u to play.

Is DayZ Vac protected? HA! No
Its BEC protected.

Hello again Zombinatorr,

The devs had a thorough look at your data/logs, and there were no indications suggesting that the disruptions are due to the client/servers.

Though, the devs provided a connection troubleshooting guide:

  1. Check all the physical devices on your network to ensure they are plugged in and powered on.
  2. Perform a connection test on each device connected to the network. For reference, here is a list of platform-specific troubleshooting guides:

NAT Types:

  • Open
  • Moderate
  • Strict

Open NATs can connect to any of the three types. --> Probably the least common type
Moderate can only connect to open and moderate. --> Probably the most common type
Strict can ONLY connect to open.
Strict NATs are a difficult problem with peer-to-peer games. Since most people don't have open NATs, the player with a strict NAT won't be able to find many joinable games.

Also, if the player with a strict NAT does manage to join a game, if another player with a moderate NAT joins later, the player with the strict NAT gets kicked out.

Another problem is that sometimes the ISP (Internet Service Provider) is also behind a NAT, which often means even if you have a direct connection to the internet (without a router/firewall), the ISP still acts as a strict NAT.

Port Forwarding:
The following Ports need to be open on your router to connect to the online servers:
TCP 80, UDP 88, UDP 2302, UDP 2314, UDP 2326, 2338

If you need assistance with opening these ports, please refer to the following website for more information (you will need to know your router brand and model, as the website guides are based on specific routers)

Here are some additional tips that have helped many players improve their connectivity:

  1. Make sure your router's firmware is upgraded the latest version (very important).
  2. Unplug your router for 10 minutes and plug it back in. Some older routers degrade in performance over time until it is rebooted, similar to a PC.
  3. Disable any firewall or other network filtering for the game.
  4. Enable uPnP (universal plug and play) on your router.
  5. If you don't care about security, enable DMZ (de-militarized zone) on your router for your PC's address. This turns off all of your router's firewall features for that specific PC.
  6. Run 'cmd' in administrative mode and use command ipconfig /flushdns
  7. Contact your ISP and ask them what your DNS setting should be.

Direct Connection:
If you are still having issues connecting to the online servers after trying the above steps, try connecting your broadband modem directly to the console or PC you are playing the game on. This can help determine if the issue is related directly to the router or another source.