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Zombie kept running on my screen after friend shot it
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I was playing with my friend and we saw a zed approaching. My friend shot it and he saw the zed fall down and die but I saw it still running towards me and kept shooting at it but it kept running at me. When it reached me it ran past me and kept running straight. So obviously it was dead but it didn't show me on my screen.
Same happened to my friend when I shot the next zed approaching us. I saw how it fell down and died but he said on his screen it kept running towards him.
That only happened to the zeds who were walking upright.
Something similar happened to the zeds which were crawling. After shooting it the dead body floated on the ground, lying in it's "dead position", but floating the wy it ran before it died. We both could see the floating, no matter who shot the zombie.


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Play together and shoot zombies.
It happened at coordinates 56;52 of this map ( The zeds were coming from Grishino. Due to the quick respawning and the shooting after they were already dead, the kept coming up the hill and we could see it happen quite often.

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I used the search function but couldn't find something similar.
I searched for
"zombie keeps running"
"keeps running"
"float zombie"
"float zed"

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Confirmed. Emptied a 60 round clip into a zed while frustrated only to shriek in terror as it kept running straight at me... Luckily it ended in a sigh of relief as the zed ran THROUGH me and on down a hill until it finally just disappeared. Not really "game breaking" but really annoying and can cause massive wastes of ammunition.