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Game crashes within minutes
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I have tried on several different servers and within about 10 minutes the game crashes every time i log in. Doesn't seem to happen under a certain circumstance. The game crashes then a message appears saying "DayZ has stopped working" with the inability to move my mouse. I have to ctrl alt delete to task manager to shut the game down. This has been happening since the .47 update. I have tried this from another computer since and worked fine. That was on a 64bit version of windows 8. I have made no changes to my computer setup that would cause this error to occur.


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Game Crash
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Log on any server. Play for a few minutes.

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I have seen numerous people reporting this problem with no update on anything nor was it acknowledged in the last change log. I am a long time supporter of this game and I am understanding of the circumstances of alpha having lots of bugs to be worked out but having an issue to where this many people are unable to play the game is a more serious issue and at a minimum needs to be acknowledged by the developer team on a public scale so we are assured our issues are being taken care of.

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Could you also upload a dxdiag report?


dxdiag has been added please keep me updated.

Acknowledge please

Well I switched to 64 bit and no longer have any issues thanks for not responding.

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I don't work for Bohemia so it's not up to me to look into crash reports - not sure why this hasn't been seen by a developer yet, but good to hear your game works now :)

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R834 we now that you dont work for Bohemia,we just tell that Dev team is not fair bicouse i spend 30 dolars on this game and i cant play now is 1 month tell me is that fair,dev team keep goin ignore this problem bicouse maybe they thinks that we are sutpid or blind they always say it is alpha,i know that is alpha but issue that i cant play game that is not what i want.