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compass access uncomfortable & slow
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it's a great nuisance having to drop the weapon out of hand to have to look at the compass. make it so I can access it anytime and quickly without having to drop my weapon/item in hands.


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A compass necklace in my opinon would be great.

That is a fantastic Idea. It would free up a slot in the inventory too.

Right now I am not sure if its my FOV or the compass itself but it seems to be hidden away at the bottom of the screen whenever I try and view it. It is definitely difficult.

you don't have to equip it
just go to inventory, right click compass, inspect

compass necklace sounds really great

In Arma 2 you could just press the button and the compass would appear right on your hud. That's what they need to do in DayZ SA.

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@MariusPrime: I know, it's still not really a comfy way to do it.

I don't know about the necklace thing. While it would be better a necklace is somewhat girly. If anything like that how about a watch with a cover and a compass on the cover? Or just a wrist compass.