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Player Stuck inside building inside Severograd Regular server
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Me and a friend logged off in the top floor of a building right at the marketplace. (The building with 3 large doors, i can see the Monument from there)
When i logged back in, i got spawned in the 1st floor inside a wall, not sure about him yet but will bring update
(we logged off in the same small room and i think it's 2floors right above where i spawned)

-do i need to be online for support?

-EDIT- Server is regular


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Don't log out inside buildings. I know it's obvious but until it's fixed you can only do this to avoid it. It has been posted on the bug tracker like 15 times before too. So maybe search before you post an issue...

Yeah, i didn't read all the bug reports before i started playing a week ago.
No chance of getting out or getting killed though.

-Managed to kill myself with alkohol tinktur

Hi maddl_stix,

Good to hear that you managed to get out :)

In case you experience any other problems in the future, please feel free to submit another issue.