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Stove + Cooking Pot inventory space changes
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If you combine the stove and Cooking Pot the pot goes from taking 4 spaces to taking only 2 vertical spots. After playing for a while, logging, or server restart, the stove+pan will go back to taking up 4 slots while still having a 2 slot icon. Taking the stove+pot apart and recombining them causes it to take up 2 vertical slots again.


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Just have at least a stove and pot combined in your inventory. It will now take up 2 vertical slots and the icon reflects this. Play for a while, change servers etc. then open your inventory and "Move" the stove+pot. You'll notice it still has a 2 slot icon but requires 4 free slots to store. Taking the stove+pot apart and putting them back together switches it back to only needing 2 slots.

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