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Game dont update to 0.48
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Dayz on steam wont update to 0.48 version its stuck on 0.47. When i login to game all servers are updated to 0.48 and i cant connect to any server it tells me i have bad version.


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Yep, same here... please see it dev.

my os: win 7 ultimate.

same problem here...

Wait for it guys. I believe, the 0.48 patch is still in process of updating and right now is only acceciable by playing experimental.

mist3r added a subscriber: mist3r.May 8 2016, 7:29 PM

jop download experimental, problem solved XD

What i tried to do:
1.Install DayZ experimental version and back to normal version.
2.Change settings in steam to autoupdate "high priopity".
3.Restart steam and my PC.
4.Change steam version fron normal to beta.

Nothing help.

ok.ty.. done update solved now :D

yes my game doing this update at this time 62% now

Oket i fixed problem by changing steams download server to UK! :) Good luck fellas!

yep I'm receiving it also at the moment:) so just have to wait:)

problem solved ... I am already playing

Currently, my Steam says "Update queued" for DayZ.

Update: it is downloading now.