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Broken Zombie Hitbox (Weapon goes through Zeds)
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I logged onto DayZ today so see three zeds camping at the bottom of the ladder. I then equipped my fire-ax and climbed down. The first one went down on the first shot, the second zed would not be hit I was forced to swing several times before the game registered a hit. The other Zed was stuck in a wall.

Later I happened to come upon a military base where a zombie aggroed through a wall. I quickly took out that zed with the fire ax and snuck up on another hoping to hit it.. I must have swung well over 15 times trying to hit it. I tried running both clockwise and counter-clockwise, I tried standing still and it would not register the hit. Eventually I killed it after getting fractured and bleeding.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Obtain a melee, preferably and ax of sorts, even more so a fire-ax.
  2. Find a Zed.
  3. Run up to said Zed and attempt to kill it.
  4. If you hit it on the first shot, congrats you have escaped this glitch.
  5. If swinging isn't working even when standing still either run or pull a gun.
Additional Information

This glitch is extremely dangerous to solo survivalists or smaller groups. I have no magazine for my three handguns (still don't understand why magazines are nearly impossible to find -- I've looted two military bases and the best I found was an AKM with no magazine) and was running low on ammunition for my Mosin, thus I would prefer to use my fire-ax. Using the fire-ax also reduces noise. However, melee seems to now be ineffective causing me to waste ammunition and run alot.

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The effect seems to be far more profound with the fire-axe. I ditched the fire axe for a splitting axe and was able to kill zeds far easier, however, the effect still does persist, just not as much.

It maybe caused by equiping the fire axe while moving or the first hit is used to raise the axe. I am not sure if this has anything to do with it. it has failed for me at least 90% of the time.

Same for me -- perhaps 5% of my blows hit the target.

The 0.49 patch really messed up the melee system. Seriously, this issue must be addressed ASAP. The game is unplayable as it is.

The main reason for missing the zed with an ax is because you aim with the dot.

1- Dodge the first hit of zed going to right or left;
2- Wait he finish the animation, he will stand and look at you;
3- Just hit him looking the axe swing, not the dot.

High ping can difficult this action, because you see the zed in a place, but he are in another.

i am also having a hard time killing zombies, every time a zombie comes my way i have to get my friend to kill it because it seems that he doesn't have trouble with the glitch or spend five minutes circling the zombie trying to kill it.

It's not a ping issue -- I play only on servers with a small ping and still have this problem.

Same here - fire axe became fairly useless now.