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"Dayz has stopped working" Every 5-10 minutes! Unplayable!
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It does not matter what I'm doing, where I am, what items I have in my inventory, the population of the server, ping, etc. I ALWAYS crash after 5-10 minutes (usually 5 minutes but NEVER longer than 10) this game looks really fun and if I could at least get someone to ACKNOWLEDGE the problem that would be peachy.


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Play for at 5-10 minutes and it will crash, I've even had the game crash while it was minimized (with alt + tab) and while switching servers (I hadn't even tried to connect to the server yet!)

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It is definitely not related to overheating, I play games such as Team Fortress 2 and Skyrim and I always monitor the temperature readings (they are always quite a bit higher for those games and I've never had either of them crash a single time).

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