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Zombies sliding on ground after being smacked down, can't 'use' inventory
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When the ground is noit even and I smacked down a zombie it slides, I can't use 'F' for inventory on it.
So I wait until the slide stops, then it also won't work.
Also the zombie glitches away when I look to it from several directions, mostly only one direction allows me to see it.
And it glitches away when I come too close.
As soon I go away a little bit or change the direction from where I look at it it appears again.
But still can't use 'F' to grab from inventory.


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Smack down a zombie on uneven terrain.

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I will test it on 0.48 experimentental again.

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This is not only with zombies. When you shoot another Player on uneven terrain they slide down and then become unlootable. Also when they got weapons on their back they are stuck in a funny way in the air.

The inventory of the dead player is at the point of death near the weapons.