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[EXP] .48 Loot respawn system creating duplicate loot
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Sometimes when items respawn a huge stack of duplicate items is created. Every item in the stack is identical and has the same condition, ie. all pristine or all badly damaged.

In addition sometimes when you pick up an item a new identical item spawns in its place a few seconds later. Keep picking up said item to create one of these items stacks.


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The item stacks can be found in buildings around the map.

I have seen then 5 or 6 times now each in a different building.

Just wander around until you find one.

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I reported this issue last night as well so you're not the only one seeing this. Duplicate items start to fill up containers and backpacks when the floor is filled.

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For me the same. Last night on UK 0-05 Balota Airstrip First Prison endless Makarov spawn. Then in the Policestation in Cherno. Endless snap loaders for shotgun.