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CTD when traveling long distance
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I'm constantly getting a crash to desktop when traveling across the map. I get several (usually 2 - 3) before reaching my destination. So far I've traveled between Norvo and the Airfield by the military base in the west, 4 or 5 times; and every time I experience these CTD's.


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You just have to travel a long distance. For me it's been from Norvo to the Airfield or vice-versa. I've noticed that once or twice, I was using a compass and it would crash when I pushed spacebar to lower the compass; this might just be a coincidence.

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On my end, I've updated my drivers, verified the files for Dayz on steam, and done some general PC cleaning. My current system information is: intel i7 core processor, nvidia gtx 580 graphics card, 8 gb of corsair memory, and an asus p6t deluxe motherboard. I'd also like to note that when I'm traveling, I'm on the road. When I log back into the game, it spawns me away from the road (the road is still in sight, but it's a good 50 yards away).

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When reporting a crash you need to upload the files from

Pack the files into a .rar file - if the RAR is smaller than 5000KB, you can attach it here. If it's larger, please upload it to a file sharing website and link it here.


Does it have to be after a crash? or will it have logs of my earlier crashes? I recently played without crashing, and I noticed the .mdmp file is empty. But I can always reproduce the crash and re-upload the .rar if needed.

i have this same issue as well i crash just as much and i have my drivers up to date as well and a clean pc as for specs
proc: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300
Ram: DDR2 4GB PNY Electronics
Motherboard: Asus P5N-D
GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTS 450
OS: Windows 7 32bit

i really hope for this issue to be resolved in upcoming updates :(

I just had another crash, trying to change the quality from low to high. I think the server was restarting at the same time.

Third reported crash, I was traveling from the airfield in the west to norvo as reported before; uploaded another rar file. I was also on a different server this time.

fourth crash, I was with a friend, he lagged and glitched to a different nearby location when I crashed (We were both on the main road), he lagged off the road. This time I was headed from norvo to the airfield.

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yeaa bro last time i play dayz 31.7 when is 0.47 update is come my game is crash every 3 min, now is 11 days that i cant play day z i try on expremintela 48 and nothing game is crash i hope so that dev team going to fix this fucking crash soon bicouse i dont wana throw 23 euros just like that.DEV TEAM PLEASEEE TELL US WHEN YOU GOING TO FIX THIS CRASH,how much we must wait 10 days ,2 months,5 months just tell us that we know.

Devs refuse to acknowledge this problem.. I haven't been able to play DayZ since I bought it without it crashing after 10 minutes (usually around 10 minutes but I've never seen it run longer than 50 minutes without crashing)

5th crash since I started reporting. This time I wasn't on long and wasn't traveling far, updated anyway. I was traveling west from the devil's castle to the airfield. I'm not sure if I should continue to update after crashing or not? I don't want this to be classified as spam, lol.

Continue to update it so it stays at the top of the issue list, they are ignoring the problem so we need more people to annoy them and make them do their job. In the meantime I'm going to try to get a refund.

maybe their looking into it give it time and keep uploading ur crash reports

also the new update just rolled into stable test that out and see if u still crash over time

sounds like a good idea. I got the update. I was playing just now - going south from the airfield in the west; I made it past the military base but after awhile, I experienced another ctd. I can play for a long period of time at certain locations it seems, but whenever I go to travel I crash. (6th crash)

(7)th crash. This time was after a server switched, one server went down so I switched to a different server. It wasn't able to connect to the central and right after I got that message, I got a CTD

yeah its not fixed lets hope its fixed by next patch