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Magazine disappeared or stolen from AKM in hands
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Version 0.48.124699

A little while ago I was near the NWAF on an Experimental server with about 20-25 people on it. The number of players had been increasing since I joined. I had an AKM with a loaded magazine containing 30 rounds, and other mags in my clothing and backpack, and a loaded Mosin on my shoulder.

I had sat in a tree a few hundred meters north of the easternmost hangar for about 15 minutes while I looked up some info in a browser. Then I started moving west.

After about 400 meters I got to the edge of the treeline looking at the brown barn that's north of the fire station. I stopped in a tree and observed for a few moments.

Suddenly the reload icon appeared on my screen. I was confused, thinking I had brought up the action menu by accident. But then I looked in my inventory, and the magazine was no longer in my AKM, nor anywhere else in my inventory. It was just gone.

I thought that the "magnetic inventory" item-stealing bug was fixed several versions ago, but after considering the situation for a few moments, I decided to exit that server immediately, assuming that a hacker was disarming me before approaching me to shoot.

I'm not aware of any other bug that can cause items to simply suddenly disappear from your inventory, especially from loaded weapons in your hands, so I am left to suspect that this vulnerability has not been completely fixed.

Since I am unable to reopen closed bugs, I will simply link the other report about this bug that was closed: "Steal inventory hack"


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Also had this happen. No gunfire or other activity in the area. Was sitting still, AKM in hands. Suddenly I see the reload icon, open inventory and the 30 round green magazine was gone. Searched the immediate area, no where to be found. Also of note, I know for a fact I had 29/30 ammo - I had recently expended one round to "help" a guy who had broken his legs about 30-45 min previous.