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Hello everyone, the game keeps crashing on Nvidia GTX series
( from what i could gather, there are some discussions about it on the forums but there are some ATI cards with it too)

a while ago a Dev responded to one telling to disable Vsync, it did help for a while, but after the first crash it starts agai!!

i see that most people update the DXdiag but mine says everything is ok but nonetheless want me to update it??

i have updated the crash details


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normally is random but most crashes occur when a player or zombie is nearby(especially when hitting a player or a zombie) the other times seems random!!

i have tried most drivers, the last non beta ones are the most stable ones i could find ( 337.88 )

So far have not tried on last experimental(Edit: .48 still happens)

Additional Information

I have a GTX 260, i have seen players with 700's models crashing, and others not

i also have a friend on a laptop that has a 200 series but does not crash as often as i do, i will ask him as i see him and update the information(Edit: he has a Nvidia GTS 450)


Windows 7 Home Premium Service pack 1 64 Bits

Intel Core I7 860 @ 2.80Ghz

Ram 6GB

Nvidia GTX 260

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Devs need to fix this immediately.

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Please try to reproduce this issue on the latest build.

When reporting a crash you need to upload the files from

Pack the files into a .rar file - if the RAR is smaller than 5000KB, you can attach it here. If it's larger, please upload it to a file sharing website and link it here.


Hello again!!!

as soon as i get home i will upload it then!!!

in this build it still happens altough much less frequently(or i had luck so far)


Hello there again!!!

the file is there as asked!!

not sure if usefull but the game crashes ingame or in the menu(idle)

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no bro just sit down and wait 2 months or 3 when dave team resolve this,bicouse rgiht now they are not interest for this crash

I was able to once again search a few more posts online,

I have tried relocating Physx(Nvidia) from GPU to CPU, is helped a little bit

(this is after changing Physx to CPU)when the game is about the crash, color correction??(i am not sure) changes completely, but after a few times happening it crashes(after a lot of visual glitches, buildings start to change their shadow values, goes from bright to dark but this normally does not happen before the crash!

Arma 2 is also affected by this, i could track posts since 2010 with the same problem, people sometimes stop answering on the forums do not know if they solved it or if they just gave up and updated the vídeo card!

there are ideas to use launch parameters such as -nobenchmark but since dayz is launched on steam, is there no way??(one or two people sayed it worked, most of them sayed it remains the same)

Bios changing or updating(can someone confirm if it is related?)

just put "display driver stopped responding and has recovered" on Google, then if you want, put arma 2 on front to read related forums!!

I just wanted to know, is this a kind of problem that the user itself has to repair?? or can i receive some help from the BI team??

not sure if known but this crash is a crash from the visual kernel driver and not the game itself, the game just keeps running on the background i just cannot Alt + Tab in!!

also since .47 i can no longer use the "flush" command to get back in

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I have been having a very similar or same problem. I have Nvidia 9800 GTX +. On.47 I would occasionally have the issue where the game would minimize and when I restored it the screen would be black but Dayz was still running. I would get the message about Graphics recovering. This problem didnt happen often though.

Now with .48 Dayz just completely crashes after at the most 30 mins of playing. After the first crash which may be 30 mins of playing it starts crashing sooner and sooner. I may play 5 mins or less and it will crash. I have updated the drivers and tried a few different suggestions I have found but nothing works.

I dont know much about programing. The first time it crashes it takes a while then it crashes sooner and sooner after that down to less than 5 mins of playing. If I RS my computer it like resets the cycle so I will get 30 mins of playing before it crashes. Because of that it seems like something is corrupted and the corruption builds causing crashes to happen sooner. RSing the computer seems to like wipe it clean but it builds up again. I dont know but that is what seems to me to be happening.

Does anyone else have the same thing happen? Do the crashes start happening sooner and sooner after the 1st crash? If you RS your comp does it start the cycle again?

Hello man

Yes, you can try solutions but as soon as it crashes it will become more common

The same as you, if i restart the computer it will "reset" sometimes, but others does not help!!