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Got knocked out and logged out now char wont load ever and i cant log on at all
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Got knocked out and no one killed me. When i woke up I could see my body knocked out still in third person and i couldnt move or do anything . I logged out and reconnected, and now no matter what server I join I get the message "Your character was unable to be loaded and has been reset, the system administrator has been notified. Please reconnect to continue" but it won't let me respawn, and reconnecting doesn't do anything.
Any help would be great, very frustrating.


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I've had the same error for a day now. Nothing I do will fix it. Tried having a friend login, tried switching from exp to normal, tried playing hardcore than switching...

Unlimited please wait screen, and when I hit escape to re-spawn, there is no option.

Please help!! I don't wanna be lost in the void forever...

been 2 days and still cant log on at all

Can a Dev reset my account or something... This is crazy, stuck in please wait since Thursday.... I don't even care about the stuff I lost, but I just want to play :(

STEAM_0:0:37297031 heres my steam id please reset my char

Help please... How do I fix my account??

Hi dieseld456,

Thanks for sending in your information. The reason for you not being able to log on to the servers was due to the sheer amount of gear that you had accumulated (5000+ pieces). However, your problem should now be solved. In case you encounter any further problems, please feel free to open up a new issue in the Feedback Tracker.

Additionally, in case the amount of gear on your character was accumulated by duping, I strongly suggest that you do not chose to acquire gear again by exploiting bugs ingame like that. When logging on to a server with that amount of gear, you run a risk of affecting other players by bogging down the server.