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Mouse cursor disappearing
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As of the latest stable patch, the mouse cursor seems to disappear after a period of time in game, rendering all menus nearly inaccessible (yay for cursor keys!) and the inventory screen completely useless.

Requires full restart of application to resolve, which is a bit of a bind.


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Log in (Hardcore mode seems to be more prone to this) and sprint around for a few minutes. View the inventory screen a few times, and spin your camera a few times. Within 5-10 minutes, the bug should appear

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I run a multiple monitor setup, with a spanned desktop so I'm quite used to "losing" my mouse; this confirms the hypothesis as I can move my mouse on to the secondary monitor and then back on to the main screen (and dayz application), whereupon it's conspicuously absent!

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maybe same as here :

I have the same Problem, since i had installed overwolf.
Is in stable version 0.47 and 0.48

This bug was related to overlays like Overwolf and seems to no longer be present. Please close.