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Jumpy Stuttering Frame Rate after indeterminate amount of play
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After an indeterminate amount of time playing the game, my frame rate (FPS) becomes very "jumpy" or stuttering. The stuttering FPS persists until I restart the game. Attached is a graph of my frame rate (data collected with FRAPS and visualized by FRAFS).


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Unknown. Playing the game for an indeterminate amount of time causes this problem. Does not occur every session.

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I have the same thing happen to me. Anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours (usually about an hour and a half in) frame rate drops like a bomb. Most of the time it only does it when I'm turning but has also happened when just walking or running straight ahead. It happens inside building and outside. In forests and in open fields. I get 60 fps in game normally but when this happens it will drop to as low as 10 sometimes.I gave tried about every video setting there is but still happens.

I get lots of stuttering too. Seems to happen more frequently if I zoom in or a zombie jumps into screen while in motion. Turning also.
I'm also running a 2500k@4.8GHz,8GB memory, GTX 680 and 250GB EVO SSD

Just as an update, I played for a couple hours last night and did not encounter this issue. It seems to happen maybe 1/5 play sessions. I'll keep updating with my findings.

I have the exact same issue with my game. I've just build a gaming setup for this game because it was unbearable to play the game on my laptop because of low fps. I've never experienced this issue on the laptop, probably because it was so jerky to behin with.

My setup is as following:
OS: WIN7 ultimate
MB: Z97-A
CPU: INTEL I5-4670k 3.4 not OC'ED yet
ram: 2x 4gb Cosair vengence 1600mhz
HD: ocz vertex 4 128GB SSD
PSU: XTX core pro 550w

I get various fps with this setup all ranging from 25-60fps all dependant on the situation

I've noticed its worst when I'm doing a command either shooting or fast camera turn when an undetermined time has elapsed ingame as the previous poster. Perhaps it could be issues with in the latency of client/server requests?
Hopefully this issue will be resolved in the near future

This can probably be closed, I haven't had the issue again since I submitted this ticket.

I think I have resolved the issue as well. My issue was properly because of anti aliasing which I had maxed out. With this disabled I no longer experience the stutter at all.