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Zombies spamming character
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After this patch I have witnessed the following
-Zombies will spot you from 300 yards inside a bush.
-I will go into town and get ambushed by 10 zombies while inside one building in the span of two minutes.

I feel if you lowered the number of zombies or just simply made them harder to spot you this would make the game much more enjoyable to play. I understand this is a zombie/survival game but if I see a player in a town and I want to sneak up on him to investigate him further I shouldn't have to be distracted with 10 other zombies running towards me from 300 yards away. This takes away from player to player interactions if you are constantly spammed with zombie attacks.


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While I do support a better stealth system I also think the view distance of the zeds is too far (especially if they respawned. the "original" ones seem to see you only from around 100m, respawned ones from around 500m)