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.45 ammo not spawning
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yeah the 1911/FNX45 .45 ACP ammo is not spawning in the current build.


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I've experienced this as well across variety of servers, both regular and hardcore mode. Neither ammo boxes nor individual bullets appear in seemingly any location (including military bases). However, 1911 and FNX magazines do spawn with bullets in them.

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Confirmed. No spawning 45 acp ammo boxes anymore. Game spawning only mags for FNX and revolver.

After 4 days, i cant find any of 45 acp ammo boxes or ammo. Problem is still not resolved.

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After playing a lot more, I have actually found "loose" .45 ACP ammo on top of police cars in Sveltojarsk _twice_ (in varying amounts - just under 10 and 40).
However, there's no certain way to know if they were dropped by players or spawned by the server. All I can say is that cars' trunks and police station's doors were closed.

Though I can confirm that it is still spawning in the experimental build.

I have been searching for them as well, I found just a few bullets once, but boxes of .45 ammo are definitely not spawning.

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found a few mags, but no ammo boxes

I found a lot of 45 ammo lol. I dropped like 4 boxes and 3 stacks at green mountain.

I've come across quite a few boxes of .45 ammo!
Found 3 boxes of the stuff on balota air field just this evening.

What I have noticed though is a DISTINCT lack of ALL ammo/weapons/gear though.
I was up at N/W airfield this morning and the place was full of boots... Not even a single bullet, gun or piece of gear... Just a shit load of garbage.

Uhm, guys, the report was created for the 0.47, about 2-3 months ago.

No need to report that you found them in the 0.49 because we arent talking about

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Yet again, it doesn't spawn in 0.58 EXP.