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Random Zombie Sounds
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I'm sure this problem has been addressed previously but as it still remains I feel it should be addressed again.

No matter the server or the location I'm in I constantly hear loud random zombie noises even though there are no zombies around. This obviously takes away from the game and can cause you to be attacked by a real zombie because you thought it was a random sound glitch.


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This has a duplicate. Probably the report number associated with the first time BI heard of it is 0000002. This report is 0015064. That means that Fifteen thousand and sixty two other things have been reported since and it is still not addressed. But don't worry about it. They are working on it. ;-)

And the coloured character model having white arms while wearing gloves was probably report number 0000001. Still not fixed.

Some things really make you wonder.

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Gotcha, thanks. By the way if you ever visit the US I'd recommend refraining from calling anyone "coloured" lol. Just a friendly tip.

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Thanks for the feedback, however this has already been reported.

Closing as duplicate of #0000153: Zombie sounds and can opening sounds softly and randomly

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