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Loot-Point = Kill-Point =! Place of death body
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Hey devs,
if you want to loot a killed Person you are only able to loot him where he died; not there the Body lies.
Look in the screenshot. One guy loot on the top of the firestation the Body of the killed person on the canopy because the killed person was shot on the top of the ledder


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Kill one Person
notice where he was killed
try looting the guy where is is lying and there he was killed

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Steam Version 0.47 2014-08-02

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This is not entirely true. After the patch I killed a player and attempted to loot him where he died which was the same place his body was and no matter my angle I could not loot him. I had trouble in another situation where I killed someone and found his weapon to be located in a different place and could loot his body from his weapon but not where his body was nor where I killed him.