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Character falls face down after "drink all" option from water bottle or canteen
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I have reproduced this bug 4 times consecutively in 2 different servers. Each time I select the "drink all" option from a water bottle or canteen, regardless of amount, my character passes out face down and slides a few feet before being able to stand back up. No damage is done and no negative affects are noticed.


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select "drink all" option from water bottle or canteen.

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I can also confirm this issue. Appears that after drinking the animation drops you to the floor in a prone position. Game Version 0.48.124674

Same with me, occasionally the character also appears to slide forward but without any crawl animation. I could see this leading to a death by misadventure off of a roof or watch tower.

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Character also falls down when searching for apples, Can spam the F button while doing that and you'll get a bunch of "I have not found a thing" or "I found something"

I had the same problem, additionally after I fall down, I had the 'throw things in your hand'-bug when crouched

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Char only falls when standing. If you drink all when you're crouching or prone you don't fall face down

Duplicate of #16109 (Player falling unconscious when "Drink all" on a bottle or canteen.)