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Crouch leaning forces item throw/character to stand up
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If you crouch while holding an item/weapon in your hands and press Q or E to lean, your character stands up and begins to throw the item away. Leaning while crouching without holding anything in your hands makes your character stand up and move forward one step.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Hold any item/weapon in hands (or leave your hands free).
  2. Crouch.
  3. Raise hands. *shouldn't matter* (if holding something)
  4. Press Q or E
  5. Watch how your character begins the throwing animation (if holding something), or how your character stands up and moves forward one step (if holding nothing).
Additional Information

Putting your item away before it's thrown will help you avoid losing it, but the animation is still played. I have not tried cancelling the animation.

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Confirmed. This happened to me just recently, it made me throw my machete down a hill.

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Please upvote this if you consider this a serious issue. It makes leaning while crouched impossible at the moment.

I can confirm this aswell. <<< This video shows it and also a bug with chemlights.

Yep happened to me. Standing up from crouch while leaning Q,E throw away my SKS.

Had this happen to me the other day. I was stalking a couple guys and had planned on taking them out, but soon as I stood up and raised and lowered my weapon once, my character tossed it. Needless to say I grabbed my rifle and ran out of there since my confidence level went from 10 to -5 in a heartbeat. :/