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Character freezes when i join game and cannot do anything atall!
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My character freezes sometimes when i join a server and i cannot move atall or open my inventory! my friend has to kill me and take my items so i can respawn which sometimes fixes the problem but mostly just does the same thing again!


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Friend found out for me that if you start it in window mode it does fix it but i dont know if this completely fixes it or temp fixes it!

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Its only a temporary fix playing in window mode!

i just got done having the same issue u can only dc out side away from trees and buildings and if u get stuck have your friend shoot u in the leg break it and disconnect reconnect and fix it with a splint or morphine then u can move again

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Thank you fanta but that still doesnt solve the issue :P

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This is an annoying issue that is happening too often for me. I have to reinstall the game everytime to fix this.