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Invisible / invincible zombie
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Was walking around vyborg when I got attacked by a zombie, to my surprise it was invisible to me and I could not kill it with melee or with a gun.


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Additional Information link to the video of I have of the incident.

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Zombies are hard as fuck to kill now ! BUG !!! Please fix =)

I can tell you that in my game this morning it happened exactly the same way.

Story: [I don't play experimental, its the actual Steam-Version from 01.08.2014].

This Morning I have been on a Server with about 7 People in it. I was probably alone at Svetjolarsk. I shot one Zombie on the street, several times, becaused I missed it with the SKS. It was too close.
Then 5 Zombies dropped in and ran towards me. I fled to the Building and worked my way down again, killing those zombies.

When I have been on the street again, there were those very close Zombie-Sounds. No Zombie. I got hit.
So I ran circles, like I would do to avoid its attack while trying to axe it. I have not been able to hit anything, but the Sound followed me like there was a zombie. And I got hit kind of instantly when I stopped circling.

Weird thing: There has been a Zombie-Graphics-Model circling around "us both" in around 20m distance with a quite fast speed.

When I imagine the Zombie with its on Coordinates-System, the graphical model of the Zombie has been to the right of the "hitting and sound-center", shifted like 20m away from its sound source on Z-axis. (X front, Y to top, Z right)

I found it in the Video here:


Hello IKAP,

Thank you for sending us your feedback regarding this issue. Unfortunately, this problem is a known issue that has previously been reported.

Closing as duplicate of #12755.