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Controls not working
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When i get on server keys arent working only chat and voice controls are working any other not.I can only exit with alt+tab and even start button doesnt works.This is fromthe latest stable update.


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Same bug happening here - all keyboard+mouse control fails to work in 0.47.124641, unable to look around.

I may have managed to figure out the root cause of the bug being some kind of issue with the steam overlay integration:

Joining on friends via steam overlay always results in the disabling of controls, but joining via server browser results in control as normal.
Suggest players avoid steam overlay joining until bug has been resolved. Some friends do NOT have this steam overlay issue, and some do. No hardware/OS/gpu differences correlate to the problem, unsure if it's a Steam Beta problem.

Confirmed. My friend was having the exact same issue when he joined my server.

Confirmed. my friend also cant use his controls

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The just announced why none of our PC controllers no longer work even though they are still listed and bound in the control options. The game has gone console................. WOW very very very very very very horrible news. So it means it will never get fixed and .....can't say anymore. This is the end. What a waste.

Hi DaMagno,

Sorry to hear about your trouble. Would it be possible for you to attach a copy of your .DayZProfile file please. The .DayZProfile file can be found here: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\DayZ

Just rename the file <something>.txt in order to attach it here.