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Legs Break, "You are dead." Upper levels of buildings, stairs etc. Randomly 2-3 times a day.
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About 2-3 times a day when playing, on both experimental and stable branches, I randomly break my legs, and then die.

No shots, no warnings or anything.


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Go to buildings with stairs, upper levels. Just happens to me randomly when in those situations. Example buildings: ATC tower at airfield, Firestation, any Castles, top of parking garage, schools. This has happened to me in all of these locations. Both while running and while just standing still.

Additional Information

Buddy saw it happen to me... found my body in 2 separate places inside of a castle. Was dead on the stairs where I saw that I died, and also on floor below. Assuming server trying to yank back client to previous location, even if through wall, in turn killing the player? Just a guess. Really hope there is a fix soon as this makes it almost unplayable for me.

Both exp and stable branches, .47 and previous versions.

Thanks so much.

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Yup same for me and ma buddies, one died on stairs in ATC Tower the other one in Firestation (both on stairs).. and I died in woods running down from a hill O.o

yes me to but it happens only if i run down of something

Hello Droptine,

Thank you for sending us your feedback regarding this issue. Unfortunately, this problem is a known issue that has previously been reported.

Merging with ticket #5169