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Legs spontaneously break!
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This is an issue I've encoutnered several times, as well as my friends. It happens on both stable and experimental, usually in two-story buildings. The most recent time it happened I was standing completely still in a two-story building in Berezino, then the screen suddenly became black and white and my pants got ruined, then after about ten seconds it told me I had a fracture, and it continued sending the error message. Here's a screenshot:

NOTE: This happens frequently and I know it's been reported before, but I think it's a very severe problem and I just want to make sure it's been noted.


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Play the game, live, it happens randomly.

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I'm also not a new player, I've played this game for quite some time and it doesn't have to do with me being careless in the game, and it has nothing to do with my FPS.

Version: 0.47 but it has happened on previous versions.

pls fix jerry

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Just wanted to say I confirm this SEVERAL TIMES. It happens to me multiple times a day and is quite frustrating... usually around buildings.. mostly on stairs / or upper levels, but has also happened just outside of a grocery store.

No warning or anything, just legs break, then "you are dead." No sounds or anything... Happens to me probably 2-3 times a day even.

Really hope to see a fix soon, as this is definitely unplayable for me.

Hello Droptine, I saw that you've reported the issue as well, I supported it and I'm glad people take the initiative! :)

Hello KethDenya,

Thank you for sending us your feedback regarding this issue. Unfortunately, this problem is a known issue that has previously been reported.

Closing as duplicate of #5169.