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Melee weapon glitch, use melee one time & no longer have a functioning LMB
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I used a pick axe to kill a zombie in the latest 0.47 build. Once I killed the zombie my LMB would no longer function regardless of the item selected( same as the bug in the last experimental update).


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Equip melee weapon, use melee weapon, then try and use another weapon or function that requires LMB (left,mouse,button)

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Hi, Yesterday on Hardcore Experimental, me and my other 3 Friends on the same Servers (about 3-4 different Servers) had all the same Problem, that we couldnt use anything with the left Mouse button after we had killed a Zombie with a melee weapon. I shot at them and there was no Problem, as soon as we killed one with melee we weren't even able to Punch or use the Weapon...

Think it is a important Thing to look at...

Also had this problem yesterday. Killed a zombie with a splitting axe, then was unable to swing again. Put axe away, pulled it back out, still did not work. Pulled out firearm (that worked 20 mins before), attmepted to fire, and nothing happened.

Edit: Issue is remedied by logging out of server, logging back in (not restarting game), until issue arises again.

Same issue a few hours ago. Was in some town somewhere looting a police station when I heard footsteps and waited. Player comes charging me axe in hand I fire the one bullet I have left in my SKS and switch to axe. We must have run around trying to attack eachother with axes for at least 5 minutes before putting away the axes and proceeding to fist fight - only to notice the whole time we were just running around crazy without a single strike being made.

Logging out and logging back in cleared it up.

Just realized in patch notes it says (under known issues) that "Player can in rare circumstances enter a state in which they cannot attack and must relog"

I must stress this is not a rare occurrence. This has happened to me on the upwards of 10 times in only about 6 hours of gameplay. EXTREMELY game breaking.

Same issue with me about 30min ago. Attacked a Zombie with an axe and after killing it got into a very retarded fight with another zombie which turned out to be a running contest. Tried to shoot with a rifle and a pistol with no luck. Logged out and back with the ability to attack once with an axe again and same thing happened. Basically lost the ability to use LMB for attacking. I could bondage my self and eat but not attack.

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Same issue for me about 30 minutes ago. Approached by two zombies - offed the first one with my axe, but LMB wouldn't respond with any weapon after that.

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This is definitely not rare, If you swing at the air nothing will happen, it usually happens when you attack zombies or players

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Thanks for the feedback, however this has already been reported.

Closing as duplicate of #0013441: (EXPERIMENTAL) Melee not working correctly now.

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