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(Experimental) Melee weapon attacks aren't connecting with Zeds.
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Hello Devs,

Something i've noticed, Melee attacks with the axe, crowbar, baseball bat etc. Will not connect with zeds 90% of the time.


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I saw this tonight. My black painted fire axe was hitting zombies but it had no effect on them at all. I am playing stable: 0.47.124641.

This same thing happened to me. I was brutally murdered by a single zombie. About the time I realized it was a bug I began to record the incident. its utter bull and needs to be fixed right away. The bambis don't have a chance. And as a side note, fix the website too, I cant put a screenshot or video up.

your attacks will not land while the zombies are in the middle of their attack animations, otherwise your attacks will land just fine.

I've witnessed otherwise. I noticed this immediately when logging into .47, none of my hits with the fire axe were landing. It was useless for anything but being a massive can opener.

Same with the pipe wrench, baseball bat, and pickaxe. Got killed by a single zombie as a fresh spawn. I normally side-step zombies and attack after their swing. Even standing idle, the axe, pipe wrench, and baseball bat did nothing.

I did however find luck with a splitting axe that seemed to work perfectly, had no issues whatsoever while I had it.

Hopefully this gets fixed ASAP. I don't want to keep dying because a zed finds me before I find a working weapon. I can deal with buggy/clunky, but this major part of the game, is simply broken now.

I have video of me attacking a zombie. theres a link. none of your hits land....

StarMan added a subscriber: StarMan.May 8 2016, 7:14 PM

70% hits missed while moving and attacking at 3th person view. With 1st person view less hits are missed. If you stand still and hit it usually hits correctly at both 3th and 1st person mode.


Thanks for the advice, but who in there right mind wants to stand still whilst being attacked? The hit detection in the beginning was much more responsive and I see it dwindling even more.

You must take side step when zed attack, then you have sec to stand and hit. Sadly at now zeds can hit you from miles away, but at least you hit correctly at close combat..

goanna added a subscriber: goanna.May 8 2016, 7:14 PM

This has happened numerous times to me, these zeds can also be to OP for my liking. When I come up against zeds I run away a little up the road or where ever I am, and turn and bolt back to them with my axe out ready to strike. I side step and start hitting the crap out of them while circling them, most times Im there for like 10 mins trying to hit the suckers, the axe keeps going right through them...............grrrrr. The other times I cant be bothered and watch them kill themselves by running all around them in and out and they start pouncing on each other................its way cooler but takes a bit longer for it to work!
Another thing is if U go to a Zed with your axe, look down at the zeds shoes and should hit them in the does for me!