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Spawned in the middle of a group of bandits
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When I loaded into a high populated game server after disconnecting due to latency. I reconnected separated from my group and found myself swarmed by bandits before I could even draw my weapon.


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  1. DC from a server

2)Connect to a new server
3)Be very unlucky

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This was total BS and I honestly think that the game should not spawn players so close to one another if they are not registered friends. I mean, I literally spawned in the middle of a hostile group. I know that the game is all about not trusting anyone and even hunting down others for supplies, that's not what I have a problem with. But I honestly would like my stuff back because I have yet again been killed by this game's bugs.

I can try to explain more later. please let me know if I can be of any help.

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I understand the complaint. I wonder, however, what there is to do about it. The way the game works is that you can go to any server and spawn in directly where you spawned out. This is at the very root of what this game is. Where is the game supposed to spawn you back in? How is the game supposed to handle the thing about an entire group being at your spawn location? And... I am not being facetious.

Shoud it
A) Move the person/persons already there (Move the bandits)
B) Spawn you somewhere else
c) Not allow spawn until area is clear

Obviously A is not an option. B and C both will require some type of interface. The user will need to be notified that they cannot be spawned in right now and will need to either wait or be moved. I don't know if we are likely to get any type of interface from the devs that involve communicating the whereabouts of other players on teh server EVER!

If it is B, then how will it choose spawn location B? Will it be random, within what... 500 metres? Now, the same scenario can play itself out.. the random drop might be populated... I guess back to step one, rinse and repeat...

If it is C, you could be there a while. You will also know to get huntin or get AWAY Which is feedback about the whereabouts of others. Fundamentally opposed to what I have seen from DayZ so far.

And finally, I must say that if you cannot spawn too close to each other, then how am I to jump around and play this game with my friend? Yet another mechanic that does not seem to be in DayZ's realm, a friend's list!

Ultimately, I think you were INCREDIBLY unlucky!

Hello ajgrimm91,

I'll close out this issue, since it doesn't seem like a bug due to there not being any safe zones when logging in/out of servers. It does indeed seem like you have been very unlucky to spawn in the middle of another group of players, but simply based on that we will not be able to reinstate your inventory.