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Player still gets stuck in complex geometry but doesn't rubber band
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it seems as though my character still gets stuck on walls and geometry sometimes. it feels similar to the .45 rubber banding bug but without the rubber banding, my character keeps moving on my client. the issue is that my player makes contact with a wall or a static object and i will run 5-10 meters away from that place but when i drop something it sometimes goes to that place where i made contact with the wall or object. zombies can also hit me at this place i made contact with geometry, as i can watch them attack nothing but my character receives damage.


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while running around, make contact or collision with a wall or object(metal shelves seems to happen a lot) and then run 5-10 meters away and drop something. object sometimes goes to the place of contact.

Additional Information is a short video detailing the issue. i will try to provide a better example at a later time as the distance traveled should be increased for a good example

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