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game crashes radom of 5-15 min
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Hello,every time i join into a game i play 5-15 min and i get dayz has stopped working,i think i have a good pc i really dont know what to do the game has becaome unplayable i die so many times because i get crash and zombie kill me or someon else see me loosing connection.


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We need the files from


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I tinbk you do not need the DayZ files.

Because of the game of mine and my 2 (!) friends crash everytime exactly at the same moment.

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can you please help me i cant find those files,only files i could find are those i sent you and dayz other profile folder

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We need the files from


I ve all info and the same problem! so??? ANSWERS = 0! in more than a month from my issue report!!! GOOD JOB BOHEMIA TEAM! I have arma3 and work good! WHY DAYZ DON T WORK???

I think there is very much code just copied and re-pasted in order to "developpe faster".

i found the folder it was hidden i will upload it,in rar there is also the dxdiag file

Same problem here as well been happening on and off for a couple of weeks now. Initially I could load in play 15-20 minutes and it would then freeze, I could hear ambient sounds (wind, birds chirping) but the screen would be frozen and ctrl-alt-del and end task was the only way out. This was happening on various regular servers. After reading various threads I went on to a hardcore server for 10-15 minutes and this seemed to have fixed the problem until two days ago. Since then it has built up to a crescendo. At first I was getting 20 mins play then 10 then 2, now nothing and going on to a hardcore server no longer has any effect in fact hardcore is freezing now also. A few things I have noticed, where I am has no consequence, being around people initially would cause it to happen now it just happens every time. I'm starting on every server with a minimum of 7k and a max of 100k desync. When the freeze takes place my disk usage spikes to 100%. I do not play exp servers this is occuring to me on stable servers. Right now I cant play at all i log in to server and freeze straight away. I love this game man please fix this problem I havent played properly in two days and im beginning to twitch.

so is anyone going to respond to this?

N.B. Last night I went on to experimental servers and managed to play for 20 minutes with no freezing. Went back on to stable and happened again within minutes. So it appears this is only happening to me on stable servers. Or the problem just didn't have time to catch up with me. I have uploaded the files from Appdata/local/Dayz and my dxdiag.

Same problem here, I'm using wifi and an old gaming laptop (Cored2duo 2.6 ghz, 260M GTX, 4g ram, latest nvidia drivers, no antivirus) game was running fine in the first months of alpha, now it becomes unresponsive after 10-30 min, and I'm forced to kill the process. Notice it's worse on experimental than stable, but happens on both. Noticed my fps is pretty good (30-40 fps), the freezes just happen out of the blue. I've defragmented my HDD, cleaned up my comp, making sure I'm not overheating, not sure what to do to fix this issue.

taras added a comment.Jul 28 2014, 7:47 AM Read this topic. I've resolved right that.