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Melee is not working very well/at all
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Melee Weapons are absolutely useless at the moment with the hitbox's either not registering when hit or something to that effect, I swung a crowbar a zombie about 20 times in first person weapon raised with the crosshair perfectly aimed with no hits registering, it's terrible, Please fix this.


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Get a crowbar (have not tested with other Melee, first person, raise weapon, hit zombies and see that the hits do not register.

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I have this on exp. with several melee-weapons - but i assume this is due to lag since some zombie-hits register even if i am far away and the zombie faces another direction.

Also having this issue

Having this issue. Last 3 characters have died in fights with zombies using the fire axe due to hits not registering.

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It's the ragdoll causing some of those hitboxes to not work properly that and the zombies can hit from MUCH further away.

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It is significantly better in .48 (exp) but still not as reliable as .46. That may be due to server load/lag on the exp server because issues like zombies clipping through walls/floors/doors seems more of an issue on the exp. servers. Still, the zombie hit-boxes do seem to respond better in .48.

I've noticed this too while using a fireaxe to hit (or better, try to hit...) zombies. Playing on 0.48. It's a major issue and should be fixed ASAP.

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Try hitting a zombie with a machete or knife and then come back and tell me its better. I DARE YOU.