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Not hearing random gunshots
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I have a problem with hearing gunshots and I'm not talking about a situation where the shooter is >500m away from me, but my friend shooting and standing just a couple of meters away. Yesterday he shot a mosin round while standing ~10m to my right and I didn't hear it. I just saw his target spilling blood and dropping down.

It also seems to happen at random cause I could hear the next shot loud and clear.


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Have two players shoot mosin rounds at random intervals while standing close to each other and take notes. :) It might or might not occur.

I'm not aware of any particular circumstances that might trigger the sounds not to play correctly, i.e. exact distance, other player in FOV, some prior event, etc.

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Encountered this problem several times since I started playing DayZ a few months ago. It happens with all weapons.

More often than not i will never hear shots being fired.

First time experienced in 0.46 when a friend fired his 1911. Didn't hear any sound from different distances. After he relogged the problem was gone.

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It does not seem to be related to distance, players can be right next to eachother and still not hear 'm.

Mostly I can spot this bug when I hear other sounds my character makes.

I Shot a Zombie with my FNX, 5m next to my my Friends shots a salve of M4 Rounds into a House -> I do not hear the M4.

He releases the trigger and pulls it again for a new salve- I hear the shots.

May someone can reproduce this.

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Can confirm. Only had the issue with Mosins.

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0013606 It's my report issue. Maybe someone can deign to answer! Thank you!

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Closing as duplicate of #0011461: No gunshot sounds on hardcore/first person

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