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[Suggestion] Idea for Hardcore and Regular
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My idea for the hardcore game mode is that the items that are in your inventory, on the ground and on a dead body you shouldn't be able to read what the item is. You have to inspect the item to read what it is (not a black box hover that tells you what it is). Also the picture of the item is deteriorated to what ever the item is; if it's damaged it will be a very rugged looking item. Also guns should have to spawn with different conditions (well worn, ect.). That idea should be in both hardcore and regular. This would give weapon cleaning kits a more desire for them and it not be useless. Lastly, the guns condition should go down as you shoot it and should have more of a chance to lock up if it is at damaged or badly damaged.



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Weapons should only be either pristine(new), normal(used) or damaged.
Cleaning Kits should do what it says, keeps them clean so as to reduce the chance of stoppages.

Hello Zerjizzy,

Thanks for sending in your suggestions. This has been suggested before by others and as it is, there is a visual change (textures) to items depending on their state (pristine --> ruined). In regards to inspecting the items; that's in the hands of the devs if they will implement such a feature or not.