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Lot of problems with zombies.
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-A zombie killed me across the wall, it has happened to me 2 times.
-A zombie still crossing walls and doors, it has happened to me 5 times.
-A zombie hits me while im running and he was running behind me, there was 10-15 metters of distance, he try to hit, and he did it, 90 ping, it has happened to me 2 times.
-20 hits to a zombie in the head with a baseboll bat and he didn't want to die.
-7 hits in the head to a zombie with a machete to kill him. Only 1 with axe. It don't make sense.
-I killed a zombie and then, while he is falling to the floor, hits me.
-On first person, i tryed to hit a zombie but sometimes it doesn't work because is like if i wasn't hiting him. Too hard to hit a zombie.
Sorry for my bad english.


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Get into a house, fight with zombies, run from zombies, interact with zombies, try to kill them with a baseball bat or machete...

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