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1911 is wildly inaccurate
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I'm on the current experimental as of 16 July 2014.

I have found that, at this time, the 1911 is wildly inaccurate. After several point-blank shots missing zombies charging straight toward me, I test fired a carefully aimed headshot at a stationary zombie about 20 meters away. I was not short of breath. I was zoomed in fully. I held my breath with my Hold Breath key.

About half a second after firing the shot (lag), I saw the bullet impact a building about 20 meters behind the zombie. The shot had gone at least a full foot over the zombie's head, despite my aiming at the middle of its face from 20 meters away.


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Something needs to be done about the Game Version field on this form. There seems to be no way to access the current build number from outside the game, and there are no choices nor guidance about what to type in.

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