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Can't read title screen
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I just bought Day-Z off steam downloaded and hit play and resolution i think is all messed up. Its all zoomed in big and fuzzy and cant read anything.


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Every time i try to play it.

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Find the DAYZ.cfg file in your user\name\documents area.
set your base resolution in these two lines.

I got the same thing, when I deleted the dayz.cfg file and Dayz created a new one with the wrong base screen resolution. I think that is the VGA resolution as default.

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At the main menu, click Configure -> Video -> User Interface and use the Resolution drop down list to select your resolution.

Make sure the Aspect Ratio option matches the aspect ratio of your resolution.

Close the config settings completely and return to the main menu.

Then open Config again, click Video and then select your resolution from the Rendering Resolution drop down list.

This should return your game back to normal resolution.

As you may not be able to read the text at the current resolution, this image will show you what you need to click:

Hi, just contributing to this issue. Loading DayZ for the first time displays the user interface at a ridiculously low resolution. After a while of struggling to read the menu I changed the gameplay resolution before I realized that the menu had its own resolution setting. Now that I updated it, things seem to be fine. It's difficult to click around the menu as your pointer doesn't align with your mouse scrolling due to the low resolution.

I have an Nvidia GForce GT 525M and my desktop resolution is 1366x768. Could it be because the user is running a desktop resolution that isn't supported in-game?