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[suggestion] Reconnect to last MP server button
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I know it's not actually and issue, but it's annoying, if i don't count that server restarts are annoying itselfs, the problem is, there is no way to connect to last server.. I have to go to cfg files to find last MP IP adress manualy and then reconnect... Becous, i think its important for gameplay to play on one server in one game session.. Becouse when server restarts and i go to new server, i cant be sure, that the area is clear and safe for surviving..


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If you wait until you know the server is running again. You only need to hit play on the main screen and it will use the last server you were on.

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rgobeli1: yeah, thats the way, how it works now, but the problem is, when last server is full or down, it clears cache and then i cant find it anymore... I think, they should at least turn off this clearing metod.. so then if you click Start, it will always try to connect to last server, and if you want different server you just have to click Change server (or whatever its called)..