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[Experimental 0.47] Zeds in vicinity cause significant lag and freezes
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Hello DayZ dev team,

After playing experimental 0.47 for the past couple of nights, nearby zeds cause increased frame drops and lag, then eventually the game freezes. Happened to me 6 times tonight alone.


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Happen to me as well, I have also noticed that when this happens the zombies don't take melee damage from the fire axe even with direct hit to the head.

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Experienced something similar. As soon as zeds are in the perimeter and chase you, everything starts to delay (eating, BANDAGING, drinking etc).

It seems the Server does not know where you are, Zombie is chasing you to a spot,
you've been 30 seconds before, but OFC he can hit you, so hes 100m away and hits
the air, you'll get damage.

Had multiple freezes in a row, not in every session. Not only when chased by zeds.