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Game crashing frequently
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Game crashing on both stable and experimental. Tried removing starting items and tried being far away from said items. Sometimes it freezes then resumes with low fps and low res textures. Sometimes get low res textures before a crash. Crashing approx every 5-10mins, sometimes immediately after joining a server.


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Game Crash
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Attempt to play DayZ Build ID: 323535 through steam
move around in-game (towns or wilderness)

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Having the same issue (#0013419).....

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Seriously? No response, and it's been over a month.

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It's hardly crashing anymore, but the 5 sec freeze, then dropping to low textures/models and 5fps is happening within minutes now. All i've changed is my graphic card to an R9 280x with 3gb Vram. I have no launch parameters, and just Avast, Speedfan and Steam running in the background. This is the same issue as 0017013 Primary report