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Dazzling road flares / chemlights
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If you place something that can be lit up, for instance road flares or gas lamps,they will be dazzling you. If you look at those items, everything will be getting dark (enviroment, players),and you can barely see anything, except the flare, or the chemlight, or the gas lamps you dropped on the floor. Also happens with flashlights but with a less dazzling effect...
Happens only at night or at dusk


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Drop road flares/chemlights on the ground and walk closer. Make sure that it is night or dusk.

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the bright light makes you lose night vision.

I agree with that happening at night. But this is also happening when night is only coming, but you can see pretty well... Everything was pretty bright, but then I broke chemlight and I was like in total darkness surrounding me.
It only needs to scale values a bit.

I've the same problem with flare and chemlight but not with gas lamp.
For me it works perfectly : gas lamp adds lighting around you but makes not surrounding darker in both day and night. All light emitters should work like that.
For now I still have an use for chemlight and flare : I trow one in a bulding where I know there is someone camping and since the light will make surrounding darker, the player is unable to see outside the building even in day time ^^
You've made a black-hole grenade more powerful then flash-bang Bohemia ;)

Confirm. It's happens with campfire too for me.

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chem lights are waaaayyy to strong now. one single chemlight lights up a building like disco lights. It's insane.