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Mouse cursor dissaperas when I oppen inventory
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usually when I log on I am able to open inventory and the mouse cursor is there, bust almost always after 4-5 times that I open the inventory my mouse cursor dissapears, I could still select things if I am able to guess were the cursor is but its impossible to do anything quickly. At first I htought it was because I was running a second monitor, but I unplugged it and made sure that my pc has only 1 monitor showing and still same thing happening. I have tried putting screen size to 125% and it would do it less, but it would still do it. A lot of people having this problem said that putting screen (desktop) size to 100% would fix it for them, not for me :(
I am running a i7 920, 8gb ram, r9 280x with latest stable drivers, (i have also tried the second to last beta driver and same problem, today I downladed the beta driver that came out yesterday and I will try it later on tonight)
If there is any other thing that I should try please let me know.
By the way this game rocks!!! Can`t wait till its finished, you guys are doing an amazing work, keep up the good job.
P.S. This game has less bugs in alpha than bf4 when it came out ;)


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open the inventory with tab a couple of times and it will almost always happen

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Ok It seems I was able to resolve the problem.
I had read somewere that plugins could be messing with games, then I thought about it and I realised that the problem started happening as I had installed OVERWOLF a TS program that alows ingame voice/vide capture. I uninstalle dit and I havent had the problem anymore :)

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Thanks for the overwolf tip. I didn't uninstall just exited it and didn't encounter the disappearing cursor again. Played Dayz for an hour and the cursor disappeared twice after 15 minutes of play and relogging twice.

hey. I have the same Problem snce i had installed overwolf some weeks ago.
I will uninstall overwolf to verify, that's the point.