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A dropped item appears in the correct position but in an identical room nearby
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Just witnessed this bug. I found a pair of combat boots that I dragged over my character (which already had a pair of yellow work boots). My character now is wearing the combat boots but the yellow work boots disappeared instead to be around. This happened in the police station, ground floor. Perhaps the lost item was placed under the elevated floor?

Edit: title changed, please read notes for bug explanation.


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did you search the vicinity? sometimes you lag and it gets dropped somewhere you came from

No I didn't. But today I had the same issue when in a military barrack and dropped a few items that disappeared. Then I discovered they were in the adjacent room which was identical to the one I was in. The items were in the exact position they were supposed to be when I dropped them, only in the wrong room!
I have seen this happening also in a barn.
Probably this bugreport should be renamed as "A dropped item appears in the correct position but in an identical room nearby" and/or merged.

I have the same Problem inside some buildings since the last update. Items dropped in the red stoen bar, will "spawn" in an other room.

btw. you can change the report name by yourself.

Title changed, thanks for the info.

Happened to me as well, except all items dropped were outside the building, right against the wall