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(suggestion) make the inventory of dead player persistent, at least until server restart
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if im in a fight(been looting for hours) and get killed, i would like to have a chance of getting my stuff back. sometimes i spawn nearly where i died, it didnt toke longer then 5 mins to run back but my stuf is gone(i still can see my dead body, but for no reason i cant access the inventory of my dead player). my friend didnt see my dead body.


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-play and have something in your inventory
-die, respawn and run back to your dead body
-you will see the dead body but you cant access the inventory

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you are not supposed to be able to run back to get your stuff. you got killed and now instead of poor dead Peter your are fresh awoken Jack.

app0815 thats right, but when in real life someone dies his stuff will still be there and not dieing with the person..

it is harder than it sound like, because there will be still shooting so i have to sneak to my stuff/dead body hopping noone sees me.

normaly my friend would loot my dead body empty(put it on the ground), so it doesnt dissappier and i can get it back. but i dont know how to do it when im playing alone and this is a big misadvantage!

and what is about i tried going down a ladder, the game starts glitching/bugging so i fall down the ladder and died. so all stuff is gone..

the most annoying points on the game is this issue and server restart, hope to play someday without this 2 issues, then dayz will have all my love :)