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Either a crossbow or bow sound randomly playing
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in the latest experimental builds, i have noticed a strange sound which seems to be the constant twanging of a crossbow shooting, but it happens repeatedly really fast, and also seems to happen randomly. i have also noted that when it starts, if i use freelook with my character and turn my head the sound can be pinpointed in a direction (unlike the random sounds that have been playing since early alpha) but as you walk to get closer to the source, the sound continues to move away so is always "locatable" in a sense of it sounds like it is constantly coming from a certain direction, and usually sounds like it is very close as well


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have not found any yet, although i noticed it seemed to happen a lot when i was in the far north where the train tracks run from svetlo along the whole north edge of the map, near the random garages and at points along the train tracks

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I heard it yesterday over an hour during playing on the stable 0.46 server, always after i made a sprint, was it there.
It has sounded to me like an suppressed pistol from far away behind me. Maybe it was these bow sound (sorry never heard the bow ingame).

I was on the way from Gorka to Grishino.

I've experienced this creepy sound too.

I thought it could be an easter egg, as it started happening right as I had stopped by the Blair Witch-easter egg. Tried following the sound as it seemed to come from a distance and constantly reappearing. Turning my character seemed to activate it. Possibly triggering some kind of bugged area sound-loop? Went away as I made my way thru Chernarus.

Must be something on client- site.
I did playing yesterday with a friend. I got still this sound, while my friend didn't hear anything.
I was near Gvozdno, NE Airstrip.

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Have heard this too,
Playing in a group all four of us heard the sound at once despite being spread out at opposite ends of the map.

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Acknowledged in a later report.

Please refer to #0014413: Crossbow Dry Fire Noise Is Server Wide