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75er AKM Magazine alot of bugs
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Hey devs,

the magazine has a lot of bugs.

  1. Put it on the ground and attach it to a AKM by another player. The magazine is still on the AK as well as on the ground. The one with the AK can shot until anyone pick it up from the ground. Then the Magazine is remote removed from the AK.
  2. if you press reload and you have no enough space in your backpack the magazine is deleted.
  3. put it in your back and attach it to your AK. You still have it in your back AND on your AK. So 4 slots blocked for nothink.
  4. the magazine dublicate itselfs. How? I will post it in the next private post
  5. if you have 3. and you put both magazins on the ground it could be that both magazines are deleted
  6. 30 -> 75 magazine... next private post


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steam version 09-07-2014

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My 75 round mag just got deleted even when i had enough space in my backpack, i did not think of testing the open slots if they were bugged though.

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with 2 75rd Drum Mags, I am unable to reload when drum is empty or full.
No option to reload.
Can remove and swap manually.