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Game Crashing all the time
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So i bought DayZ yesterday and wanted to start playing asap.
I fixed my graphics setting and got everything working.
But everytime i play for a few min the game wil start lagging, textures wil space out and then the game wil quit to desktop and say it crashed.
it doesnt matter what i do. everytime after a few min the game wil just exit and crash for no reason.


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Just happens. cant even play for 5 min and a row whithout getting a crash
already searched online to try and fix it. nothing works. i keep getting a crash.

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a lot of weird shit is happening. the first min the game wil run normal and smooth. but then it all starts, buildings and walls go invisible when inside.. textures disapear and make the game lag. huge FPS drop overall out of nowhere. and then after a few min the game wil crash and go to desktop. and a lot of times when i enter a server the world wont even load correct. textures look weird and i can enter building trough doors that are not open. which wil make everything invisible again and i can see all items in the building.

i bought this game because i know it was good. but atm its unplayable for me..

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although it wil still crash every few min (faster in city's and towns)im still trying to play, and already got a decent character with some gear, he is sick tho.

if you need more information just let me know.

I already been reading up online and did basicly every step they give for desktop crashes but nothing works.. reinstal did nothing either.

Although it wil still crash every 5/10 min im still trying to play and got around 6 hours played including loading ..
This kinda shows how bad i want to play..

PLZ, i want to play. I already got killed by a zombie but that doesnt stop me.
I wil start over even if it keep crashing.
for some reason it seems to play for a longer time now but it wil still crash at random moments and i dont know why.. can you plz look in 2 this :S

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Please try to reproduce this issue on the latest experimental build.

We also need the files from

Pack the files into a .rar file - if the RAR is smaller than 5000KB, you can attach it here. If it's larger, please upload it to a file sharing website and link it here.


The Arco Files map should have the correct files now.
Since it was the hidden map i could not find them at first.

And i dont know how to reproduce the crash.. its kinda random..
First it happend every 10 min atleast and just crashed.
yesterday night i was able to play longer then 1 hour.

Wil pay attention to what i did last before the crash but most times it just happens.

So this is pretty great.. game crashed again. so i log back in.
I run a few meters. look at a river and the game crashes again.
Then when i log back in everything is gone and my character is reset..
my character had good gear, cloths, weapons, lot of food.. its all gone now..
I knew this could happen but its still pretty stupid.

I am having the same issue (0013419). Random crashes to desktop, tried everything, but still doesnt get any better.....

This shit is getting anyoing... city i spawned in is a big crash fest..
Crashes happen fast again, I was standing near a harbor, the game crashed.
Then i log in again and im in the water and i cant get out or i need to swim for a long time....
while swimming items randomly disapear in the water. like i lost them in the water or somthing..
And then before i can even reach the shore the game crashes again...

it looks like you're having memory allocator issues try starting with the launch parameters -malloc=system

did nothing all at..

after i died i spawned near a big city so i try to find loot there.. in this city it wil crash whitin 5 min again... the game is just unplayable for me atm, and still for some reason im trying.. i probely have more playtime in the loading screen then the game itself..

So. Added files again and a screenshot of what my character looked like when the game was stable for a few hours.. even in citys and towns..

So that character got deleted for no reason and disapeared, although my main menu still shows him..

now its back to sqaure 1 again.. spawning near a big city that wil make the game crash every 5 min atleast.. how is it possible that 1 moment the game runs smooth and lets you play for 2 hours or longer and then the next day it wil crash every 5 min again..

I understand because i had the issue and still do except my char doesnt get reset anymore oddly enough though still disconnects. Could be your internet for one because i disconnect very often. However somebody reconmended that I join higher pop servers or dont join a server with less than 5 people again weird enough it has worked for me in past couple days. Hope it helps goodluck

It has nothing to do with the connection

The crashes are totaly random and you never know when it wil happen.. which makes it so stupid. doesnt matter what you do at what point.. you already know the game wil crash at 1 point and most times its pretty fast after starting

this game is getting worse everyday... so i manage to gear up pretty well even with all the crashes.. but ofc in the city it wil crash every few min..
I have a rifle, i see a zombie.. i aim at him while he is running towards me.. before i can shoot the game crashes... i log back in.. i run away as soon as the game is started. knowing the zombie was behind me. It did not matter.. already bleeding before i could do somthing, was a med station nearby but ofc the thing i need most, a first aid kid with bandages was not there.. so now im bleeding out and there is nothing i can do about it.. and after the log in the game crashes 2 min later anyway....

Okay are playing on stable or experimental servers? If you are playing stable branch(46.1) might want to try the experimental(47.1). By the way about the bleeding out you dont need just bandages from med can find a normal T-shirt and tear into rags that does same thing as bandages.

Thx, new player so did not know that, although it makes a lot of sense now,

And about the crashes, i just dont know anymore, last couple of days it has been unplayable again. crash every 5/10 min. even when im in a pretty small town.
been trying all kinds of graphics settings, both low and high, putting the affinity on different cores, setting the priority high. put on Disable Desktop Composition, nothing just seems to work,

With all the crashes happening im still trying hard to make a decent character and its going well.. im healthy, got gear, everything is going great, its just that the crashes happen with no warning and although you know it can happpen any moment you never know when. sometimes somthing as small as zooming in with right click is enough, or opening a door.. its completely random

and so far i only played on stable i think, 1 time i turned beta on and downloaded the newest version. but then ingame i could not find any server so i switched it back

i also found a map called crashdumps in Appdata > Local.
Do i need to Upload some of those.

All i want is to play this game and atm its just not possible, I have like 50% of overall playtime in the loading screen. And everytime after a crash you get a 99 sec respawn screen just for logging back on.. and in most cases because you did not exit yourself but crashed, your character wil spawn in random places. its never the spot i crashed, a lot of times i crash when its all save but then when i finaly log back in a have a zombie hugging me and giving me a hard time..